Final announcement of the
Conference on Equine Sports Medicine and Science
on The Acutely Poor Performing Sport Horse

Utrecht, The Netherlands

July 10 - 12, 2008
with seminars on July 9 and practical courses on July 13

Seminars on July 9 (Wednesday)
•    No. 1  What samples for a poor performer? Before and/or after exercise? Field tests? Hematology and biochemistry? Serology? Respiratory liquids for cytology, bacteriology, PCR, virology? Annalisa Barrelet (UK), Anne Couroucé-Malblanc, Guillaume Fortier (both France)
•    No. 2  Finding and fixing neurological cases: history, presentation, subtle clinical signs and tests, myelographic technique and interpretation, surgical technique, facet injections. Lutz Goering, Barrie Grant (both USA)
•    No. 3  Keeping sport horses in competition with acupuncture and physiotherapy. Christel Auer (Germany), William McCormick (USA)
•    No. 4  Is the horse overreached, overtrained or has it UUPS? How can them be managed? Arne Lindholm (Sweden), Cathy McGowan (Finland)
•    No. 5  Handling the acutely injured horse: splints, casts, amputations, dehydration, acute tendon injuries. Andy Bathe (UK), Barrie Grant (USA)
•    No. 6  How to assess better the condition of the muscles? Christel Auer (Germany), José Luis López Rivero (Spain), Richard Piercy (UK)
•    No. 7  Diet and feeding regimens as potential causes for poor performance. Philippe Benoit (France), Pat Harris (UK)

Conference on July 10 (Thursday): Keynote lectures
•    What do we know on Poor Performance of Sport Horses? Tatiana Art (Belgium)
•    Could it be neurological? If yes: What can be done? Lutz Goering, Barrie Grant (both USA)
•    Could it be muscular? If yes: What can be done? José Luis López Rivero (Spain), Richard Piercy (UK)

Conference on July 11 (Friday): Keynote lectures
•    What and how to look at in the metabolism? Eric Birks (USA)
•    Could it be respiratory? If yes: What can be done? Geoff Lane (UK), Marianne Sloet (Netherlands)
•    Could it be cardiovascular? If yes: What can be done? Gunther van Loon (Belgium). Lesley Young (UK)
•    Could it be digestive? If yes: What can be done? Andy Durham (UK), Nathaniel White (USA)

Conference on July 12 (Saturday): Keynote lectures
•    Cases where physiotherapy helped to make a difference. Christel Auer (Germany)
•    Monitoring orthopaedic health in competition horses. Philippe Benoit (France), Sue Dyson (UK)
•    Could it be the foot? If yes: What can be done? Andy Bathe (UK), Tracy Turner (USA)
•    Which are the typical injuries of horses competing in the different disciplines?
Answers from the lecturers and the participants!

Practical courses on July 13 (Sunday)
1.    Diagnosis of internal medicine conditions that may lead to poor performance. Andy Durham (UK), Nathaniel White (USA), Geoff Lane (UK), Gunther van Loon (Belgium)
2.    Diagnosis of orthopaedical conditions that may lead to poor performance. Andy Bathe (UK), Philippe Benoit (France), Sue Dyson (UK), Lutz Goering, Barrie Grant, Tracy Turner (all USA)
3.    Using acupoints for musculoskeletal exam of sport horses. William McCormick (USA), Dietrich von Schweinitz (UK)
4.    Measuring and interpreting ECG and EMG in the standing and exercising horse. Lesley Young (UK), Inge Wijnberg (Netherlands)

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