JVIMJournal of Veterinary Internal Medicine Volume23, Issue6,2009.
© 2009 American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine

1232-1238     Effects of Blood Contamination on Peritoneal D-Dimer Concentration in Horses with Colic
M.A. Delgado, L. Monreal, L. Armengou, D. Segura, J. Ríos

1239-1246     Plasma and Pulmonary Fluid Endothelin in Horses with Seasonal Recurrent Airway Obstruction
L.R.R. Costa, S.C. Eades, C.S. Venugopal, R.M. Moore

1247-1253     Fluticasone Propionate Aerosol is More Effective for Prevention than Treatment of Recurrent Airway Obstruction
N.E. Robinson, C. Berney, A. Behan, F.J. Derksen

254-1260     Infectious Agents Detected in the Feces of Diarrheic Foals: A Retrospective Study of 233 Cases (2003–2008)
J. Frederick, S. Giguère, L.C. Sanchez

1261-1265     Association between Hyperglycemia and Survival in 228 Horses with Acute Gastrointestinal Disease
D.M. Hassel, A.E. Hill, R.A. Rorabeck

1299-1302     Hypocretin Measurement in an Icelandic Foal with Narcolepsy
A. Bathen-Nöthen, C. Heider, A.J. Fernandez, A. Beineke, A.C. Sewell, M. Otto, A. Tipold

1303-1306     Neuroaxonal Dystrophy Associated with Cerebellar Dysfunction in a 5-Month-Old Pony of the Americas Colt
M.M. Brosnahan, T.C. Holbrook, J.W. Ritchey

1307-1310     Vitamin K Deficiency Bleeding in a Standardbred Colt
B.C. McGorum, I.S.F. Henderson, D. Stirling, R. Wallace, C. Haggart, A.E. Thomas