CESMASThe next CESMAS - Conference on Equine Sports Medicine And Science – is coming!

It will be in Sigtuna (http://en.sigtunaturism.se) a wonderful city and region in Sweden where Arne Lindholm (www.hastklinik.se) practices equine Sports science and medicine since long! Please add if interested the information already available to your “to do” protocols!. Progress will be updated regularly in the website www.cesmas.info

The most important matter at the moment is to consider the deadline for submission of expanded abstracts: Is is January 10, 2010!!!!! If interested please read guidelines at the end of this message. We welcome your work!

Wish you health and fun!

Arno on behalf of

The committee members        
Hilary Clayton, U.S.A.            Anne Couroucé-Malblanc, France   
Sue Dyson, United Kingdom            Adriana Ferlazzo, Italy
Arne Holm, Norway               Arne Lindholm, Sweden
Arno Lindner, Germany            José Luis López Rivero, Spain
Marianne Sloet, The Netherlands        

For more information contact
Arno Lindner
Heinrich-Röttgen-Str. 20, D-52428 Jülich, Germany
Tel: 0049 2461 340 430; Fax 0049 2461 340 484
e-mail: arnolindner @ t-online.de; www.cesmas.info