JEVS Volume 29, Issue 11, Pages 765-810 (November 2009)

From the Editor

Grant Proposals
Page 766
Edward L. Squires

What's News

Best Biosecurity Boots, AAEP 2008
UK Gluck Equine Research Foundation Names Four Inductees to Equine Research Hall of Fame
Pages 769-770

The Effect of Manual Removal of Placenta Immediately after Foaling on Subsequent Fertility Parameters in the Mare
Pages 771-774
Juan Cuervo-Arango, John R. Newcombe

Peritoneal Lavage and Drainage with Fenestrated Balloon Catheters in Standing Horses: A Comparative Study
Pages 775-781
S.O. Monteiro, L.M. Desmaizieres, O.M. Lepage

Effects of Density and Rest Stops on Movement Rates of Unrestrained Horses during Transport
Pages 782-785
Robert Calabrese, Ted. H. Friend

Treatment of a Cyst-Like Synovial Hernia Associated with the Digital Flexor Tendon Sheath of a 17-Year-Old Pony
Pages 786-790
Lewis C.R. Smith

Preliminary Study of the Gastric Acidity in Thoroughbred Horses at Rest after Enteral Administration of Esomeprazole Magnesium (Nexium)
Pages 791-794
Marsel C. Pereira, Flavia L. Levy, Carlos A.A. Valadão, Guilherme C. Ferraz, Antonio Queiroz-Neto

A Comparison Between Polymerase Chain Reaction and Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay Methods for Detecting Leptospira in Equine Recurrent Uveitis
Pages 795-798
Gholam Ali Kojouri, Camellia Taghadosi, Hassan Momtaz, Ehsan Taheri

Manual Therapy for the Horse—A Contemporary Perspective
Pages 799-808

Lesley M. Goff
Current Research
Pages 809-810
Researchers Say Esophageal Problem Could Be Hereditary in Friesians
Nitrate Poisoning in Horses